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Biology Honors (601)

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 Biology Honors 601 

Welcome to Biology Honors 601!



Syllabus  A Block 



Important Announcements:  

Type/Date Announcement
X-Block 11/6  Make up Cumulative Test for Term 1 (Let Ms. Chen know in the morning if you are coming!!)
Resources  Parent Back to School Night PowerPoint

Monday 11/3

Test for Chemistry and Biomolecules (Chapter 2)

NO Make-up test so plan to be here !!!!!

Extra Credit

Due Fri 10/31:

Ms. Chen loves Halloween!!! However, this year, she cannot dress up for Halloween for school (none of her costumes fits!) It's up to you to make her day!! Plan a Halloween outfit that demonstrate Biology concept VISUALLY! Now, it doesn't count if you just tape some paper with arrows showing food web and take it off!! I want this to b a real costume. Think out side of the box, turn in one sheet that explain your costume and what biology concept it illustrates. (This extra credit should take you between 1-2 hours...you know what's a thoughtful costume!!!)


Science Help Room in the Library Schedule Will Be Posted Soon!!!!



(updated 10/30)

Last progress report before term ends!!


Click here to check your grades.  

*you will need to use your student ID as the password, if your ID starts with 1, add a 0 in front of it (should be a total of 8 digit password)



-Stop by X-Block in Room 415 if you need help, concept review, or want to prepare for the next quiz/test.

CER Template

CER Rubric


Topic Links with Objectives, Important Vocabulary, and Handouts:  (Note: The following topic pages are additional resources that might be helpful throughout this year when you are studying particular topic and need more information/ practice worksheets).


 How Physics-Chemistry-Biology is Connected

Course Material
Course Expectation and Important Documents 

Unit 1

The Science of Biology

Unit 2 Ecology
Unit 3 Biochemistry and Biomolecules
Unit 4


Unit 5 Cell Processes
Unit 6 Genetics (Molecular)
Unit 7
Genetics (Mendelian) 
Unit 8 Evolution
Unit 9 Warp-Up and Review


Resources: (Sites with lots of Science Concepts)




Cool Opportunities/Programs:



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