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Introductory Physics 614

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 Introductory Physics 614

Welcome to Introductory Physics 614!



A Block 
B Block E Block 


Cool Video About the Definition of "kg" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMByI4s-D-Y


Important Announcements:  

Type/Date Announcement

Please sign in to the following website using the access code for your class: https://www.schoology.com/home.php

A Block: 68NF7-WT957

B Block: HH4GJ-P34K2

E Block: SVBSV-36XHG



Challenge Project 

Challenge Project #3


Topic Selection: Speak with your teacher. (Due 4/17)

Rough Draft : A full one page outlet or plan of your product, include details.

Final product: Make it awesome and be prepared to present to your class.

Final Exam

Final Exam for Physics: 5/15 During D& E blocks.

Only students with 504 or IEP for extended time can stay to finish during X-block

Extra Credit

Due Fri 5/16:

Teach someone about a topic you learned in physics. Either video tape the lesson or submit a lesson plan on how you taught this topic.


Due Fri 5/30: (Triple Points 12 points Extra Credit): 

Pick one of the following topic: (a) Motion & Newton's Laws (b) Momentum (c) Energy (d)Heat (e) Electricity & Magnetism (f) Waves

Make a board game or an online game that helps the participants to review the topic. The format of the game is up to you!! 


Science Help Room in the Library Schedule Posted!!!!



(updated 5/8)

Click here to check your grades.  (Term 4 Progress Report)

*you will need to use your student ID as the password, if your ID starts with 1, add a 0 in front of it (should be a total of 8 digit password)



-Stop by X-Block if you need help, concept review, or want to prepare

for the next quiz/test.

-MCAS FORMULA SHEET: phys_formula.pdf

-Guide Template: GUIDE TemplateNew.doc


 Topic Links with Objectives, Important Vocabulary, and Handouts:  (Note: The following topic pages are additional resources that might be helpful throughout this year when you are studying particular topic and need more information/ practice worksheets).


How Physics-Chemistry-Biology is Connected

Course Material
 Course Expectation and Important Documents (614)--Physics

Topic 1

Unit: Measurement

Topic 2
Unit: Intro to Forces (Newtons 1st and 3rd Law)
Topic 3 Unit: Newton's 2nd Law of Motion & Acceleration, Mass vs. Weight, Universal Gravitations
Topic 4

Unit: Kinematics  (Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration)

Topic 5 Unit: Momentum
Topic 6 Unit: Energy (Energy, Work, Power)
Topic 7
Unit: Atoms and Molecules, Heat   Specific Heat Capacity and Phase Change
Topic 8 Unit: Electricity
Topic 9 Unit: Magnetism
Topic 10 Unit: Waves
Topic 11 Unit: Electromagnetic Waves

Final Project: Review Videos for Each MCAS Standards




Resources: (Sites with lots of Physics Concepts)




Cool Opportunities/Programs:


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